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Custom Engraved Your Design on a 40oz Tumbler Silver Stainless Steel

Custom Engraved Your Design on a 40oz Tumbler Silver Stainless Steel

Your design can be Custom Engraved on the 40oz Tumbler on Silver Stainless Steel. Keep your drinks at the perfect temperature while showcasing your style with personalized engraving. Made with durable stainless steel, available in various colors. Includes a straw for convince but can be switched to a spout. Full wrap work space is 12.43"w x 9.25"h. You must email your file. Please read the description for more details.

Engraving Styles Explained

  1. Logo Single Sided: Your logo will be on one side of the cup max size up to 3.5" width and hight. This will be perfectly centered on the Side or front of the cup. In the notes please indicate if you'd like your logo on the left side of the handle, right side of the handle or the front opposite side of the handle.
  2. Single Side Design: Your Custom design on one side of the tumbler which can be on the right side of handle, left side of the handle or the front which is opposite side of the handle. Max work space is 3.5"w x 9.25"h. 
  3. Double Sided Design: The designs can be on 2 sides of the tumbler. Normally on the right side and left side of the handle. Each side work space area is 3.5"w x 9.25"h
  4. Full Wrap Design: This would be all sides of the tumbler right left front and back side. A full wrap work area is 12.45"w x 9.25"h Always keep in mind that the handle will cover about an 1"w x 4.80"h

What side is where?

The handle of the tumbler I consider the back side, with the handle facing you then we have the right side of the handle the left side of the handle and then the opposite side of the handle which i consider to be the front of the tumbler.

How to send image?

Email the image to Include your Name and Order Number. 

Want to download a Template? Available file types will be .ai, svg, & .eps

What type of file do you need to send?

Your files must be in black and white, whatever is black will be engraved. Please send any of the following file types:  .ai, .svg, .eps. 

Can we design your file from scratch or fix a file to get engraved? 

Yes, we can design your ideas or fix any file to get engraved. Click the following link to purchase the "Designed for you" listing. 

Why do we ask for your phone number?

It is easier for us to get ahold of you incase you forgot to email your design or if it just got lost in our inbox. We also need it incase there are problems with your file and needs to be corrected. Also if we need an approval before starting the engrave.





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